The following episodes are from the first season of Cops.

  • Episode 1: Suspected drug traffickers are arrested at an airport; a body is found floating in a canal; and an officer discusses his relationship with a colleague.
  • Episode 2: In Florida, Dep. Linda Canada responds to a domestic dispute; Sgt. Robert Deak runs a drug task force; "lost" drivers are found in a drug-trafficking area by Lt. Robert Rios and Dep. Willie Washington.
  • Episode 3: Segments on domestic problems, including a sibling brawl and a young mother who lives in a crack house with her child.
  • Episode 4: Two officers go undercover as prostitutes in a vice bust.
  • Episode 5: Cases include an armed man in a church, and a bomb threat in a restaurant.

  • Episode 6: An undercover officer must separate a child from a mother involved in a crack bust; the approach of Super Bowl weekend brings a crackdown by the deputies of Broward County, Florida.

  • Episode 7: Cases include drunken driving; hit-and-run accidents; and a child's call to 911.

  • Episode 8: A fight is stopped; kids are removed from a drug environment and suspected transvestites are warned against soliciting.

  • Episode 9: Dep. Jim Fondo tries to help the family of a mother and daughter who are suspected of prostitution; a suspected marijuana dealer is served with a warrant by the Organized Crime Division of the sheriff's department.

  • Episode 10: A melee results when a suspected cocaine dealer is recaptured after his escape from a buy-bust orchestrated by Capt. Ron Cacciatore of the Organized Crime Division of the Broward County Sheriff's Department.

  • Episode 11: A deputy must restrain a husband from injuring himself during a domestic dispute; a suspect has a heart attack during a 3-kilo cocaine bust by the Organized Crime Division.

  • Episode 12: A woman turns in her ex-boyfriend for alleged drug dealing and a domestic dispute between two sisters is halted by Deputy Mike Hoffman.

  • Episode 13: Officers are seen stalking a burglar, using a mobile home in a drug sting and investigating a murder at a dinner party.

  • Episode 14: The deputies' investigations include prostitution, a hit-and-run and a double homicide in a restaurant.

  • Episode 15: The show travels to the USSR to follow Soviet cops in Moscow and Leningrad. Included: police training; dealing with public drunkeness; homicide investigations; seizing a man suspected of selling goods on the black market; arresting a drug dealer.